5 Reasons We Choose To Homeschool

Why Homeschooling Works For Our Family

by April Heitzman

I’ll admit that I never imagined I would homeschool, or be a stay home mom for that matter.

I loved my job and my independence. My journey to homeschool began when my oldest turned 3. My husband and I checked out our local public school and a local private school. We knew that the private school would be a far stretch for financial reasons and was moving forward to register our son at the local public school when a friend suggested that I consider homeschooling. I quietly laughed at the idea and said, I’ll pray about it. Little did I know, that’s exactly what would happen. So when people ask me why we decided to homeschool, we usually list one of the 5 reasons.

1. We have boys!

I know this sounds crazy but when I was in the process of deciding what to do when it came to the education of my kids, I read several books. Most were by Christian authors who gave many reasons to homeschool (however I didn’t agree with most of their reasoning) but when I read a book by a secular psychologist, Leonard Sax, titled Why Gender Matters, I knew in my heart what God was calling me to do. I won’t go into all the details here (you can borrow my copy of the book or buy it for yourself if you interested) but the book lists many reasons why boys usually struggle more in school.

2. I get to pick and customize their curriculum based on their strengths and weaknesses.

I’m not a fan of a one size fits all approach and I love out of the box thinking. Not only do I get to choose curriculum that will help each of my children learn and grow academically, but I can also help make their education come alive by taking them outside of class room walls.

3. I get to incorporate our biblical values and worldview in their education

No, I’m not talking about 2 disciples + 10 disciples = 12 disciples of Christ kind of stuff, but real, authentic, and heartfelt conversations about the world around us. We use our biblical values and worldview to discuss religion, politics, character, loving others, serving our community, poverty, sickness, health, history, science and much more.

4. It allows my kids more time to pursue their interests.

I’m often asked what a typical day looks like for us as a homeschool family. Honestly, it varies week to week depending on field trips, what we are studying, etc. However, we usually start our day at 10:30 and end by 3:30/4 but a lot goes on in the middle. If we worked straight through, our school work would be finished in 2-3 hours allowing a few extra hours for other activities. Depending on your view, this is either good or bad but I think it’s good. My oldest loves to fix computers and code programs, and my middle child loves circuit and electrical sets. With the 2-3 extra hours, they can truly engage in their passions and interests and still have plenty of time to play with their friends.

5. Socialization!

One of our biggest fears when we made the decision to homeschool was the socialization of our kids. Would they be weird? Would they fit in? How would they act around other kids? I learned quickly that the quality of their socialization was far more important than the quantity. Our kids are socialized. They socialize with neighborhood kids, kids at church, co-op, soccer, group field trips, community events, etc. We watch carefully who they socialize with. This is not to shelter them, but to guide them and make sure their influences are positive. We believe that bad behavior corrupts good behavior and by helping them to make right choices when they are younger, they will continue to make them when they are older.